The first business requirements analysis tool that is fun, saves money and time

Our purpose is simple:

to introduce a whole new way of working with requirements that saves time, money and energy. Why?


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Over 50% of IT projects are completed with 189% more costs and time overruns

70% of projects fail because of poorly written requirements


After over 20 years of experience working as business and requirements analysts we can only agree that many projects fail in delivering right solutions in time and within budget. Unfortunately we are still talking about why this happens and trying to find ways-of-working to overcome struggles with:

1. Unclear requirements – what do you want?
2. No common overall picture – where are we going?
3. No mutual understanding – what are we saying?
4. Missing requirements process – how are we working?
5. Lack of engagement - can I ever get an answer?

Projects have been looking for decades to find the magic bullet to solve these (and other) requirements issues. Ongoing, repetitive meetings and unnecessary allocation of recourses  do definitely not solve the problem. Read more about The dilemmas of a requirements analyst...


It is clear that we need something different. Something that makes the requirement analysis processes more effective at its core.



ReqTangle is a tool, designed by business and requirements analysts, for people working with business needs and software requirements.


ReqTangle combines best practices in requirements management with behavioral science, gamification principles and the latest technology (automation and machine learning). The result is a engaging, playful and smart solution with focus on high quality requirements and optimal collaboration between the stakeholder. 



Custom built Integrated Learning enables anybody to write correct and high quality requirements. With reflective query dialogues and ready to use templates users are guided to write requirements and expectations in a clear way. They can deep dive into both perceived problems and desired solutions with their own expressions.


ReqTangle makes requirements analysis more fun by applying Gamification and Behavioral Science Design. While working with requirements the users receive immediate feedback on performance and gets insightful information to go towards new achievements. Feedback and a well-thought-out reward system make it possible for everyone to feel involved and appreciated. Good collaboration can only bring success.


A digital requirements process creates efficient work with automation and correct requirements with AI. Logical and visual structures can now empower a greater understanding of the "whole picture" and a better view of where the team is heading. Today, we know that many projects are struggling with that and doing wrong prioritizations leading projects to failure. 


Requirements Analyst

Finally a tool that visually supports the process of analysing and defining the requirements. The transparency and great collaboration among the stakeholders will definitly increase productivity.

Project Manager

In a complex world with complex systems it should be easy to understand, manage, and prioritize needs and requirements. But it is not! This tool will make a positive impact on how we will work with requirements further on.


I got so excited when I heard your business idea that I was almost falling off my chair. Being in the IT world for many years, and also working with requirements, I know that there is a big urge for better tools. I am for sure gonna follow your progress.



Thank you for contactiong us!

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