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Transforming Requirements Analysis with AI and Gamification

AI-powered Analysis

Reqtangle's AI algorithms analyze requirements and provide insights to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Users always get help and guidance on how to write clear and well defined requirements. This is awesome!

Gamified Interface

The platform's gamified interface makes the requirements analysis process more engaging and enjoyable for users. It is so transparent and collaborative that no one ever will miss out of any information. This is so fun!

Behavioral Science Design

Reqtangle's use of behavioral science design principles ensures that the platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Now, everybody can write requirements in a structured way. Say farwell to boring Excel sheets or any other complex tool!

AI-powered Analysis

Automated analysis of requirements specifications
Identification and correction of potential inconsistencies
Recommendations for improvement

Visual presentation of requirements

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Engaging Interface


Points-based system incentivizes users to complete tasks

Leaderboards encourage healthy competition

Visual progress tracking keeps users motivated

Fun and collaborative

Behavioral Science Design


Specific features and functionality for a dedicated business and system requirements tool 

Guidance and learning for increased efficiency 

Feedback on performance with insightful information to

go towards new achievements

We have created our dream product! Reqtangle has revolutionized the way we approach requirements analysis. Now, anyone can write structured and correct requirements!

Launching soon!

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